— CO2signal

UX/UI design of landing page built in Webflow

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— Leagues.gg

UX/UI redesign and rebranding of the biggest esport tournament organizer in Denmark, leading to a pre-seed investment by Accelerate

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— Aiways Denmark

Car customizer landing page design for Aiways Denmark

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— Geowiz

Redesign and rebranding of the easiest and fastest tool for mobility companies

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— ReData A/S

Complete UX/UI product and landing page design for ReData

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— Spejl Blank

From sketching and prototyping to designing the interface pixel by pixel, I have been leading the design process of Spejl Blank’s new subscription product

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— Outlay

Radical redesign, transforming the product, website and app for the expense management tool Outlay

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— TypeIt

Designing a digital platform to manage, simplify and automate data entry workflows

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