On a mission to disrupt the window cleaning industry

My role
I have been leading the design process of the launch of Spejl Blank’s new subscription product, all the way from the sketching and prototyping phase to designing the interface pixel by pixel. 

This was a team project, but I worked on the full design from sketching to production alone while other team members were responsible for the development and project management of the project.

The client
Spejl Blank has a vision to make window cleaning easy and on-demand. Simply put; “Customers should be happy, we should be happy and nobody has time to wait”.

Their goal is also simple: Being your local window cleaner. The company was founded in 2012 by a group of young entrepreneurs who had a dream of modernizing the window cleaning profession and is now one of Denmark’s strong competitors in the market of window cleaning.

The challenge

Spejl Blank reached out, as they were about to launch their new subscription model, where customers can create a subscription to get their windows cleaned. And to succeed at this, they needed to implement the new product into their current flow, while maintaining their simple booking experience, as they are known for.

Furthermore, they wanted to optimise the landing page to reflect this newly added product. In the process, we also worked on optimising the actual flow of the booking process by, among other things, moving the first step of the booking process – enter your address – to the frontpage, above the fold.

The solution

Together with Spejl Blank I designed a click-to-price flow. Through the feature, you can easily indicate what kind of panes you need to have cleaned and how many. Furthermore, you can see your price and make the order online.

After the implementation of the updated landing page as well as the launch of the new subscription product, that I was lead in designing, Spejl Blank’s conversion rate increased from 10% to 18% with online booking accounting for over 70% of their total revenue (March, 2020). 

The design also allows customers to make a subscription plan where the customers can choose to get their panes cleaned indoor, outdoor or both, as well as how often.

If you are already a customer, you can make booking faster through the existing customer function.

Automated transfer of orders
to employees

The technical solution is designed so Spejl Blank’s calendar is integrated with the website via the backend, so orders made by customers or entered by Spejl Blank employees are automatically transferred to the calendar.

As the new subscription product was implemented, I made sure Spejl Blank’s custom backend system matched. So another big part of this project was to design an effective, easy-to-use backend system for Spejl Blank to manage subscription customers and routes.

Based on the window cleaners’ home address, the Google Maps integration calculates which window cleaner is closest to the customer address, as well as the driving time between the different addresses. With these features, Spejl Blank’s team can spend their energy on making customers happy, rather than organizing their orders.

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