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Rasmus Jeppsen

My name is Rasmus Jeppsen. I’m a danish guy living in Copenhagen, Denmark, but I have my roots from the sunshine island Bornholm.

Since an early age, my passion, curiosity and skills have presented me with opportunities to lead design projects, ship products at scale and help companies optimise their digital presence. Today I have 7 years of experience in the field of digital design and 4 years in academia.

Being a designer with an entrepreneurial spirit, I have worked closely with founders and executives to form and solidify strategy, establish processes and help to find product/market fit.

I aim to move the needle in all capacities—whether as a leader or an individual contributor. I enjoy providing solutions to challenging problems that deliver results.

When I’m not at the computer or tinkering with post-its, I enjoy spending time riding my triathlon bike outside of Copenhagen, going for jogs, swimming and hitting the gym.

You can read more about my career highlights over on my LinkedIn.

Understand. Ideate. Execute.

In my design process, I ask stakeholders to identify their key performance goals and collaborate in a process of iterative design, rapid prototyping, ongoing testing and optimisation.


I understand stakeholders through conversations, interactions and observations to uncover the needs, wants and values of both the customer and the business.

Analyze and define

I analyze and communicate the findings to establish internal alignment and delimitation of the problem in the organization.

Ideate, prototype and test

I keep the ideation highly iterative and inclusive. Ideation is to open up the design space for solutions, and then these solutions should be tested rapidly.

Implement and learn

To me, design is never done. You learn from your users’ new behaviors, and this learning leads to further iterations of the solution. 

Available for hire—UI design, UX consulting, product strategy.

Please feel free to email me. You can also contact me on LinkedIn.

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